Yitzchok Wagschal - Moshe Holender
The Man Behind A Nuclear Israel
Moshe Miller
Land Of Grapevines
Shimon Rosenberg
Enslaved! The Story That Triggered The Civil War
Moshe Holender
Ancient Medicine: The Good, The Bad And The Weird
Aviva Sternfeld
The Bizarre Case Of The Pizza Bomber
Moshe MIller
The Collar Bomb Ransom Mystery
Aryeh Cohen
Lost Among Cannibals
Yaakov Astor
Sink The Bismarck!
Shimon Rosenberg
NASA Tackles An Asteroid

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    J. K., Brooklyn
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    Yaakov Chetzroni, Jerusalem
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    Shimon Mizrahi, Buenos Aires
  • One late Shabbos evening, as I was reaching for a Reader's Digest, I stated that I hope they have this magazine in shamayim. That was before I discovered Zmanů
    Samuel K., Los Angeles
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    D. A., Lakewood
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